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Private school «EVRICA”.

The cost of education — 5000 $.

The private educational center «Evrica» invites all juridical persons and firms to collaboration with the aim of receiving good Russian education and necessary business information about the CIS markets.

Those who want to take part in our program will have the privileges and advantages on the CIS markets during the time of settling the bargains, establishment of connections.

The children from 7 to 18 are invited for education in our school. In the program of the first year we is propose the intensive course of Russian language simultaneously with the subjects of general education.

The privite educational centre takes the responsibility for education, upbringing, preservation of the life and health, nourishment of the pupils.

The conditions of children’s education.

FormsAge levelThe level of educationThe main direction of educationSkills by the end of the year
Mathematics, logic, applied, economics, psychology.
Raising to degree.
Fractional numbers.
Main ideas of the market economics Improvement of the memory.
5-910-15Lower SecondaryMathematics, physics, chemistry, art, applies, economics.Identical transformations,
equations, inequalities, elementary functions. Principal ideas
of marketing and management. Improvement of the concentration of attention.
10-1215-18Upper Secondary
Marketing, management, psychology, mathematical analysis.
Development of skills to work on
different markets and to manage the
firms of different sizes and financial
opportunities. The foundations of
mathematical analysis. The elements of high mathematics. The development of logical thinking.

The conditions of adults’ education.

The terms of educationThe main subjects for ducation during the coursesThe cost of education
3 monthsRussian language and literature. 4000$
6 monthsThe development of speech. The orator's art.8000$
8 monthsVideo-hours for perfecting the language.10600$
12 monthsBusiness Russian language.
Business meetings and conclusion of a
transactions and establishment the contacts.

The educational center of studying Russian language for business people suggests the services of accelerated learning of the CIS markets.

If you are interested in our educational program contact us and we’ll send you necessary documents.

Our educational process which is connected with acceleration of learning Russian language guarantees proficiency in the colloquial speech, business relations and establishing contacts. We organize the consultations with government experts about the perspectives of joint collaboration and the opportunities of investing.

Our international educational center will provide you all necessary educational literature which will help you to understand the problems and perspectives of markets of Moldova and CIS ( concord independent states ).


Chisinau, str. Calea Iesilor 19/2
Tel: +373 (22) 508-570
Fax: +373 (22) 241-209
e-mail: info@evrica.md